Resilience and Inclusion: Dancers as Agents of Change aims to advance knowledge within the professional dance sector and audiences about the working lives of dancers with disabilities. Drawing on the research conducted during InVisible Difference: Dance, Disability and Law, we are developing an Online Toolkit, which will combine guidance on intellectual property rights, business modelling, diversity and inclusion in arts practice, and critical analyses.

The Toolkit will provide practical information about legal frameworks and business models, to support the disabled dance community. It also aims to enhance literacy of disabled dance amongst professional producers, programmers, and directors, by highlighting the choreographic and aesthetic principles that underpin the artists’ work as well as the laws and frameworks that impact on their working lives and inhibit appreciation of their work.

We are also very excited to be working with leading disabled dancers and choreographers, Welly O’Brien, Kate Marsh, and David Toole, and filmmakers Charlotte Darbyshire and Tony Wadham to develop an art documentary , which will provide insight into the artists’ choreographic processes and will be included within the Toolkit. Shooting will begin in December 2016.

Updates about the development of the Toolkit and the film will be posted here and on our Twitter feed, so please follow us and join in the conversations.

Cover Image: Welly O’Brien and Kate Marsh, taken by Matthew Niemc.

InVsible Difference website: http://www.invisibledifference.org.uk/